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All you need to know about Zoom

Due to the spread of COVID-19 pandemic, many companies have switched to remote working to protect their employees health. With online video conference calls becoming a norm, Zoom has stepped in to provide a platform to thousands of companies and education institutes globally to conduct virtual meetings.
Zoom, with its HD video feature, allows up to 1000 participants in zoom meetings. The number of participants you can accommodate in virtual meetings also depends on the package you have purchased. (
Zoom packages include Basic, Pro, Business, and Enterprise, with prices ranging from $0 to $19.99 per host per month. The number of hosts you can add also depends on the package you purchase.
This software works on phones and laptops, and participants can control access to audio and video ( according to their needs. Some of the main features that Zoom includes are:

    Recording: All video conference calls can be recorded through the software and saved on your devices.
    Screen-share: This allows individuals to share screens with others during a session, which is particularly useful if someone is presenting.
    Chat: There is an integrated chat feature that allows individuals to communicate during a session.
    Hand-raising feature: You can click on the hand-raise option to let the host know if you want to speak. It allows for smoother communication on a turn basis, in virtual meetings.
    Polls: Host can create polls to ask questions from participants and get their responses regarding a topic.
    Mute participants: The host has the control to mute other participants, especially when the participant forgot to mute their microphones, and it is disrupting the session.

Tips for Zoom
If you are new to Zoom and want to explore the software and its features, here are some tips that can be helpful:

    If you want to see how you look before the session, there is a preview option in the Video section. You can also click on the “Enable HD” option for better video quality. If you wish to tweak the way you appear, you can click on “Touch up my appearance,” which works as a filter and hides your wrinkles and blemishes.
    If you are using a headset, make sure to select the relevant Speaker and Microphone options in the Audio section in Settings.
    Sometimes, when your settings are on mute, and it is your turn to speak, it may take longer to figure out how to unmute. However, there are some shortcuts you should know: Press and hold spacebar to unmute yourself when the Zoom window is active. Let go of the space bar when you are done speaking so you can mute yourself again. If you are speaking for a longer time and do not want to keep holding the space bar, press on shortcut keys Alt+A to change the mute function on and off.
    If you wish to see all the participants in the session, you can click on the “Gallery View” option in the upper-right corner of your Zoom window.
    During screen-share, if your presentation contains audio, click on the “Share computer sound” option when you click on the Share button. It will allow participants to hear clear audio.
    You can also use Zoom’s Remote Support Session to gain control of another participant’s laptop. It can be helpful if you are teaching an individual something that requires access to their computer. This can be enabled by going to Settings, click on General and then “Enable the remote control of all applications.”

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