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Why Your Small Business Needs a Password Manager: Reinforce Your Password Security

Growing Threat to Business Data

Can a breach in a small-sized business’ data server force it to declare bankruptcy? The answer is, “Absolutely YES!”

Technology has always been a key player on both sides of the story; good and bad. While playing the good cop, it enables businesses to take proactive measures to secure their data. On the other side, it also acts as a villain, by providing hackers to come up with schemes and devices to create opportunities for trespass and theft of information. 

Keeping both the utilities in mind, managing passwords for data protection has become a necessity today.

What Do the Current Security Methods Lack?

Cybercriminals today are using highly sophisticated methods to steal data, comprising of business passwords, client information, and bank account information. They sell your critical information to the highest bidder in the dark web market. If you think just because you’re a small business, you are not prone to a cyberattack, you are wrong. Your company passwords are equally at the risk of data theft and cyber-attack just as any business with an online footprint.

All of this makes managing passwords a vital technique to shield a small business against threats and beefs up its security for which the following conventional techniques are available:

    Company employees should be given training on how they should avoid opening unprotected and unknown attachments sent via email. 
    Passwords should be frequently monitored and changed at a varying frequency across an organization. Such a pattern would make it difficult for a hacker to make way inside the organization digitally. 
    Using similar passwords for more than one website increases the risk involved and kills the whole purpose of putting a password over the data. This pattern is not reported often but is one of the most common habits among the attack victims of hackings. 
    Two-Factor Authentications are also available for the organizations, which reduces the chance of a hacker to be able to access business emails in the events of a breach. 

With technological evolution, these techniques are usually not enough. The average cost of a dummy pen test to secure a server before the hack is in thousands of dollars. 

All Managed IT is known for its commitment to data security and helps small businesses identify and secure loopholes in their security systems. 

All Managed IT: Small Business Security Solutions

With serious incidents of financial breaches all over the world, more concrete, feasible, and user-friendly solutions are designed. 

You can secure your company passwords ( with All Managed IT services and control the space where your business passwords are stored. We use cloud-based systems to ensure your small business security is beefed up at every step, as otherwise, passwords can be easily searched, changed, and configured.

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