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Windows 7 End of Support - Upgrade Now

Windows 7 is one of the most successful operating systems developed by Microsoft. So much so many people have resisted upgrading from Window 7. This resistance is driven by many conspiracies and controversies about Windows 8. In fact, millions of organizations skip Windows 8 updates and adhere to Windows 7. Whilst there are many good reasons to use Windows 7 it’s time to start preparing for an inevitable update.
January 2020 is the end of the Windows 7 journey. This means that Microsoft will end Windows 7 security updates, bug fixes and all support. Until then, extended support for operating systems is available as Microsoft gradually withdraws. Currently, the manufacturer offers payment support for the operating system but has completed all free updates that come with the product license.
Like many Microsoft products, Windows 7 has a default support timeline. Knowing the product support life cycle will help you determine when to update. Traditional support for Microsoft operating systems stopped developing Windows 7 updates on January 13, 2015. This means that Microsoft no longer provides corrections for operating system errors and security updates.
With this in mind, the company will continue to provide several security patches during the extended support phase. This extended support period lasts until January 14, 2020. After this date, security fixes and updates will no longer be made and official Windows 7 support will end.
Whilst you may still be able to use Windows 7 after the end of support, you should know that the use of an earlier operating system makes your computer vulnerable to cyber-attacks.
For example, many organizations that remained in Windows XP after the end of the Windows XP life cycle received serious cyber-attacks from notorious hackers such as the WannaCry ransomware. ( There is a good chance that an attacker is already working on how to exploit the vulnerability that Microsoft creates when the extended support period for Windows 7 ends.
Reason Behind Ending Windows 7 support 
�Microsoft has a policy that governs the beginning and end of the product's life. The life of a Microsoft product generally begins when it is launched and ends when the company stops providing support. This is the beginning and end of the life cycle of the Microsoft operating system.
More importantly, Microsoft needs to sell the latest operating systems, Windows 8 and Windows 10. To do this effectively, you must manage the removal of the old operating system. Leading technicians have already started blocking updates on some machines and may not be able to get new updates, so preparations should start now.
As new malware develops daily, it is important to understand that continuing to use Windows 7 can make you more vulnerable. If you don't have regular patches and security updates, basically hackers will fool you. Most users do not want to risk losing critical data and having to deal with cyber violations.
We now know that the Windows 7 operating system will soon no longer be a safe product to use on the Internet . Therefore, you should ask yourself if you are ready to move forward with the latest Windows 10 operating system. Windows 10 receives regular patches and updates to maintain security. It can be installed on most devices and machines without problems and the Microsoft website has a lot of help and supporting documentation in case problems arise.
It is better to seek the help of an IT professional for corporate updates. This is a good way to ensure that everything is updated correctly and that all firewalls and antivirus work correctly and optimally. Depending on the type of hardware and software you are using, you may need to take specific measures to make sure everything is fully compatible.
We are all resistant to change, that is normal human response. But when it becomes as important as the operating system, companies and staff can benefit from the installation of the latest Microsoft products. Each year, new functions are added to the Windows operating system, which facilitates its use and improves the user experience. Once your team understands how to use all these excellent features, you can save time while creating better documents, spreadsheets, PowerPoint screens and more.
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